Big Kid furniture

We are upgrading our dwelling and our furniture. Yep, this is nice.


Table Cloth

Table cloth for head table, oh la la.

Updated idea boards

Date Change

A Wednesday Wedding is not practical.  Our previous date was 8/3/11, a Wednesday.  After consideration, and realizing that a Wednesday wedding would mean a good chunk of our family and friends would not be able to celebrate with us, and that would would make us sad, we are going to have a weekend wedding.  So, the date:  8/6/11. Still not set in stone, but most likely that is the new date.

A Rehearsal Dress

I fell in love with a dress yesterday and couldn’t leave it at the store. It’s a little to casual for the wedding dress, but perfect for a Rehearsal dress. I just need it to be shortened a smidge. How am I going to not wear this all the time for the next year?

A long dress, but I’m in love

I know I have been looking at short dresses, but I have stumbled upon a long dress that is pretty fancy-smancy.  Who know what I’ll want in another year.  

An uber lovely wedding