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Date Change

A Wednesday Wedding is not practical.  Our previous date was 8/3/11, a Wednesday.  After consideration, and realizing that a Wednesday wedding would mean a good chunk of our family and friends would not be able to celebrate with us, and that would would make us sad, we are going to have a weekend wedding.  So, the date:  8/6/11. Still not set in stone, but most likely that is the new date.


JCrew dress

I saw these dresses on J Crew today.  They are super cute, simple, fun, and they have pockets.


It is a little far off yet, but a manageable date for the craziness of our lives right now.  I’m trying to get through Graduate school, Mark is jumping from teaching music at the middle school to coaching college diving to participating in an up and coming band.

Plus, it is the perfect date.